3 Smart Eating and Family Favorites for Diabetics

3 Smart Eating and Family Favorites for Diabetics

It is a common misconception that a diabetic diet is bland and unsatisfying. The truth is – a diabetic diet can be delicious and filling. Choosing the right foods, watching portions and controlling carbohydrates are three key elements to maintaining a balanced diabetic diet.

Family Favorite Pasta Dishes

Even on a diabetic diet, you can still have pasta. A serving of pasta is 2-oz. dry. Choose a whole wheat option as it contains more fiber and will help you fell full. Whole grains also aid in maintaining stable blood sugar levels.

There are alternative noodle options available that are made from black beans, edamame, lentils and greens. These are also good options. To cut your carb count even more, consider buying a spiralizer and making fresh zucchini noodles.

When choosing your pasta sauce, keep in mind that the serving is ½-cup. Choose a jarred sauce that does not contain added sugar.

You can still have meatballs too; consider substituting lean pork and turkey for ground beef. Leave the breadcrumbs out and replace them with parmesan cheese but remember to omit the salt.

Favorite Side Dish

Rice side dishes are a good way to help stretch a meal on a budget, but white rice is not a diabetic’s friend. Substitute brown rice or go even lower-carb with riced cauliflower. Riced cauliflower allows you to have a little larger portion and still feel satisfied.

Mix in fresh vegetables and use a healthy oil, like olive oil, instead of butter. A good rice side dish can also have more body if low-fat cheese is added, too.

A tip for imparting more flavor into rice and riced cauliflower is to cook it in a low-sodium stock. Chicken or vegetable stock are ideal for giving rice more flavor and giving it more versatility.

Diabetic-Friendly Dessert

Dessert is one of the things that diabetics often miss the most. It doesn’t have to be. With a few simple changes, there are several dessert options that are diabetic-friendly.

Greek yogurt can be flavored with fruit puree and frozen, or made into frozen Greek yogurt pops, for a healthier take on ice cream. To make it a little creamier, add a few tablespoons of heavy cream per cup of the yogurt. The fruit puree should be a berry as they are lower in carbs than other fruits. A serving of Greek yogurt is ½-cup. Choose the brand of Greek yogurt with the fewest carbs when shopping.

Oatmeal cookies are an option as well. The goal is to use fruit to replace the sugar. Dried apricots and dried currants help add sweetness that is missing. You can use a small amount of sugar if you choose, but try to keep it at ½-cup total sugar in the recipe (even if it is a sugar substitute).

Pudding pops are a fun summertime dessert that the whole family can enjoy. Either make homemade pudding and flavor it naturally with fruit puree or choose sugar-free options. Milk has a lot of sugar per serving (11g per 8-oz. serving), so keep this in mind.

Consider replacing the milk with heavy cream since it has less sugar. Use two to three flavors of sugar-free pudding to give the pudding pops personality and variety. For Valentine’s Day, check out these top recipes.

Smart Eating Tips

It can be hard, at first, to convert your meals into diabetic-friendly options that the whole family will eat. Choose substitutions that make the meal look and taste the same but with lower carbs, sugar and fat. Watching carbs and sugar intake is very important for diabetics.

Bulk up meals with more vegetables. Mushrooms, for example, are a great meat replacement that still leave you feeling satisfied. Vegetables have small carbohydrate counts. Consider roasting vegetables to give them more depth of flavor.

Reading labels is also an important part of eating a healthy diabetic diet. It is a good idea to speak with a diabetic-dietician and determine an ideal carb count for each meal and snack that are unique to you. Having that carb count set in your mind will help you make the right choices when shopping and cooking.

Make sure you have the right healthcare coverage if your diagnosed with diabetes. My dad recently aged into Medicare. He enrolled in a Medicare diabetes coverage plan to protect his finances. If you’re a baby boomer, consider getting one too.

Closing Thoughts

Once the diabetic diet becomes normal, it won’t be so hard to maintain. While there are a few changes and substitutions to be made, you won’t be left missing anything from your previous diet. There are ways to make everything that you love in a diabetic-friendly way.

The Science of Universal Mixtures

The more you talk about the mess that surrounds us, the less it sounds – be it the nature’s litter during autumn or the scientific disasters that happens worldwide every now and then. And then, there comes the biggest factor that influences universal mess: humans. Being a scientist who blogs about ions, molecules and special theories, I contribute to a lot of mess too, verbally and physically.

Earlier on, actually way earlier on, people believed that there were only four elements that make or break things: water, fire, earth and air. But then, scientists like myself started discovering more mess that makes this world and in came the revolutionary Periodic Table. Well, let’s not forget that atom is the foundation of every non-living thing. And living thing too. Okay, I agree that cells make us, but the cells are full of water and chemicals (and cell organelles) that are ultimately made of atoms. Haha, got you there!

I see this world as a dump of atomic waste. Some consume, some excrete, some decay. The Mother Nature has well thought out to dispose of this mess and re-use, reduce and recycle it in the most wonderful ways and that is one area I am always intrigued about. The water cycle, for example, keeps running without getting exhausted or ever getting down for repair. What decays becomes fuel, and what become fuel is used by us to create more universal mess, and the cycle goes on.

But this doesn’t mean we should blame ourselves for not taking care of the mess and trying to handle it. Our responsibility towards conserving the Earth is another subject, but my scientific mind thinks that if we tried to disturb the intricate balance between the things that are in a quiet messy equilibrium, we might as well have to face more mess. So, better stay out of it and do our things nicely. Rest we leave on Mother Nature who has kept this planet thriving in the galaxy for billions of years.

Youthful Cocktails

Youthful Cocktails

We cannot deny the fact that the world is such a huge place but I can’t agree to the saying that “there are things on Earth that even science and technology cannot explain”, because as scientists, we believe that everything can be explained. Maybe not this time, perhaps in the future. Everything takes time so we have to be a little patient in all researches that we do.

For many years now, we have given and focused so much of our time to discover and find answers to the questions that need to be answered. Just few weeks ago, we started the quest to find the alternative to “fountain of youth”.

So we decided to create an anti-aging pill that will not just be available for humans, but also for some animals. It might sound a little bit absurd because we know that there are thousand ways to halt aging, but the one that we are trying to invent is different.

We are collecting samples of skin cells and DNAs to check how long it would take for the skin to rejuvenate and how it would react with the chemicals that we are using. We have tried to many experiments and I must admit that none of those worked so far. But I can feel that we are nearly getting the key to this one.

Aging is one of the biggest factors why human skin deteriorates. It might sound impossible but we are looking for a chemical that would help the skin rejuvenate in the fastest possible time. This will be in a form of pill and a person will take it in order to maintain the health and glow of the skin.

I must say that this experiment all started from a glutathione pill that we saw recently. I found out that it helps the liver and has a good side effect in the human skin. Just like the liver supplement called Denamarin For Dogs, it raises anti-oxidant levels and helps improve liver function.

We would like to invent this “pill of youth” because we know that many people have been spending too much money for skin surgery, make ups, pills, and anti-aging creams. We would like to remind everyone that this will expose you to different types of diseases.

In worst case scenarios, it might be a cause also of cancer. So as early as now, we would like to find an alternative way that will help you in getting the healthy skin that you want without spending too much money and sacrificing your own safety.

Liver Supplements for Cats and Dogs

Mainting Your Weight in a High Calorie Drink World

Mainting Your Weight in a High Calorie Drink World

I am someone with a close observation for my surroundings, and so I am a scientist who loves digging deep into the particulate nature of matter. Who doesn’t love getting to learn more using the set of skills one has and the ample resources that are scattered nearby in the form of internet and libraries? I love it so much that my mind has now automatically become a curious being with a ginger approach to my world, and myself.

With that said, let me also add that I am very conscious about my physical and emotional being. And I believe that every one of us should be like me, not for the sake of merely the looks but for keeping a sane mind and body in order to be more productive in life. I am no nutritionist, but I understand how obesity can have towering effects on an already sedentary lifestyle. I especially know this all because I have had my own struggle at losing weight some months back when I was pretty negligent about my physical well being.

Overeating was my biggest bad habit to overcome. Since I always sit and either read, write or plan experiments, obesity had to torture me for no good. But thank goodness, I managed to fight it –

Although I still fight with my overeating addiction. A good exercise will do but food cravings can totally wreck your life even with a good exercise routine. A bad diet and no exercise also gave me a bad complexion. I found a great beauty product called Life Cell that seemed to take care of the problem!

Gone are the days when having frizzy, white, unkempt hair and not bathing for days was a prerequisite of being a scientist. Now, with advent of such immense sexiness in everything – from advertising products to scientific conferences – keeping a good hygiene and looking stunning is equally important for a scientist. Well, I know some of you still like the old classical Einstein look, but I cannot compromise on weight matters at all.

I understand that the geeky scientist look is highly overrated, but hey, I am a human and I like looking attractive to my peers. Thankfully, I am able to take care of this thing without compromising on my attraction for atoms and molecules.

eternally BEAUTIFUL Women

Sub Atomic Mixing!

My piquing curiosity for understanding the behavior of sub-atomic particles has never ceased to amaze me. Every time I step a little deeper, there appear more questions that need answers and more mysteries that require solutions. It’s like I am stuck in the midst of a thick maze and I need to find my way out clue by clue – and the best thing is, I totally love it.

Atoms and the miniature units that make this world are so entwining that you cannot escape this science without boggling your mind. But that is the true beauty of it, no? Lately, I have been very much into understanding the nature of electrons and the way electricity helps our world run just as breathing keeps us alive. Of course, I can’t imagine my PC to go without electricity or my camera to click without batteries.

Electrons appear to me as naughty, energized and highly youthful entities. That’s the reason they light up our world, metaphorically. There is entire physics involved in this matter, but these days, I am getting very poetic with the thought of having such material blessings that we can’t thrive without. Thanks to the sustainer of our world, and tons of admirations for the miracles, big or small, that we humans stay negligent about for most of our lives but are as crucial to us as life itself.

The technical and industrial revolution has had its own charm and this digitalized world is the brainchild of all the combined efforts of modernization. Now, electron – so tiny yet powerful – can solely take us back to William Gilbert’s times by stopping to flow. So the scientist would have to analyze electricity and magnetism again before putting forward any theories.

Or let’s just have an Earth Hour and burn down the candles and switch off all lights for some time – can you feel a creepy feeling coming, of horror, of weird loneliness, of not having to see the light? This is what the flowing electrons do to us. We are so in sync with the atomic world, and we know it.


Chemical Bonds in the Environment

Chemical Bonds in the Environment

Most of the students in school are being taught that there can only be chemical bonds whenever outer electrons are transferred from an atom to another atom. But based on some of the researches we did, it is not absolute. In study we conducted, under very high pressure, inner electrons could also form bonds as well.

In fact, we also discovered that there are certain bonds that only exist in space and not on Earth. It only arises during the presence of very strong magnetic fields, like the ones that we could find around white dwarf stars.

Inside each atom, electrons are placed depending on their energy levels. Atoms fill in the vacant slots, so if the outer shell is lack of one or two electrons, it might borrow from another atom. But in the studies we did, we have seen that at times, atoms will not only share its outer electrons but also the inner ones.

Currently, we are still trying to find out more about this major break-through. All these years, we believed in the doctrine that inner electrons are idle and do not react. But I guess we were all wrong.

We are both wondering how this research could possibly change the world. We both think that this could help us get more advanced when in comes to medical science. It could possibly attack several viruses and diseases and treat thousands of patients. It can also break the strongest chemical bonds in the world.

It sounds good and beneficial for most of us, but let us not forget that we also have to think of the adverse effects that could possibly backfire on us. We do not want to scare the world, we want to give solutions to the thousand problems it has. A more personal matter I had to think of the adverse effects of is the fact that I need to get in better shape, that is why I went an started a diet plan recently using a humane growth hormone supplement. 

We believe that as scientists, it is our job to look for alternatives and possible ways to make our lives better without sacrificing any other living creature in this world. We do not believe that science really requires a life. It only requires your time and effort and we hope that soon, our major research can be used for many improvements not just in our generation but also for the succeeding ones.  


World of Mixology

World of Mixology

So many things in the world of science have been happening! Whether if it’s good or bad, the news is always interesting and it makes my job so much more interesting, as well.

I’ve been doing some daily reading and a lot of articles were able to catch my eye like the “invisible shield” found right above Earth that supposedly kills killer electrons. These rings or shield, if that’s what you would prefer to call it, impose a threat to astronauts, fry our satelites and degrade systems of space specifically during solar storms. Although it was discovered some time ago, with the advancement in technology astronomers were able to view it in a whole different perspective. One of the many reasons why I love science and technology, for that matter.

Another article that caught my attention was the one about enabling biocircuits and how a new device has been invented that can make large biological circuits practical. Unfortunately, I was not the genius behind this but I love the advancement they’ve made in this field. I always say that there is so much we can do with biotechnology and I can’t wait to see what I, myself and my other colleagues can come up with to make our world a better place to live in.

I grew up with the fascination of science that I grew up, still loved it and have devoted my entire life to finding advancements in it and trying to make this world a better place to live in. I used to also love super heroes while growing up and often wished that if I couldn’t be a scientist then I’d want to be a superhero. Now that I’m all grown up, I sort of feel that I’m able to be both things since I try to save and improve lives the best way I possibly can and know how.

Aside from helping other people, I am also currently trying to help myself. I’ve finally agreed to take a diet supplement since I was told it’s the best way to get rid of man boobs. I kid. Or not. My weapon of choice has been Gyncetrol since I did enough research on it and it was legit. One of the perks of my job, is knowing this I guess. ha! So hopefully, my friends can get off my back about my moobs although it does run in my family and my dad was overweight by the age of 35. 


Nature – My Inspiration and Main Ingredient

No one can justify the immense respect I hold of Mother Nature, although my passion for scientific discoveries somehow justifies it. I am always in so much awe of everything that’s naturally happening around me, provided that I own a scientific mind and apparently have a compulsive need to discover more. The coming and going of days, the mystery of time, the peculiarity of atoms and molecules and the weird ways our world helps us thrive – well, you name it.

It’s not just that I love and admire nature because it’s my passion, and more of my profession. But it is also because I personally owe so much to the natural course of my life. It is no wonder that nature is the biggest healer too. Nature helps me unravel the most precious truths of life, and it aids in keeping me hooked at some of the biggest puzzles too.

Why I say that nature heals is because it really does in more than one way. I love herbs, trees and even weeds. They store in them a plethora of wonderful ingredients that are amazing for healing. Look at me now! I recently came across a mom pregnancy blog and her latest post was about breast milk and how healthy it is for a baby to have that natural nutrition, i’m sure that also helps with immune support and healing!

I am sure that you are thinking about the many ways that nature influences us. It has accompanied us in our journey of evolution and will continue to do so. Since the beginning of time, nature has been our sustainer and my personal inspiration and healer. We have taken immense motivation from this blessing and it continues to charm us with its power.

This very nature continues to haunt me and I delve into the eternal world where everything is matter, and matter is atoms. Just recently, I am questioning my ability to indulge more deeply into this stuff, and I am sure it will never tire me to enlighten myself more with the delights of nature and the amazing science of healing. The wonderful thing I have learnt so far is that the more you love nature and the natural essence of your being, the more you learn to enjoy it.


Science & Mixology

Science & Mixology

What is science & mixology? Hearing this word brings to mind different kind of images: energy, matter, food, forces of nature, herbs, microorganisms, treatment, planets and many more. But let us take a look on what does science really mean and how does science affect our daily life.

According to Wikipedia, “Science is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about nature and the universe.”

The word science is commonly used in education, working environment and most especially in how we take good care of our health.

First, let us expound on how science is being use in education. Basically, science is one of the required subject from elementary to secondary education. It is in school textbooks where students will first learn their basic science exposure.

As they progress in their education they will develop the full grasp of what science is all about. Students will notice that everything around us is compose of science or is made up by the means of science.

With the evolution of technology where research and information already established a systematic process to make things easier for the people. The use of technology in the modern world increase the ability of the working environment industry to innovate their products and services.

Science and technology are closely related and regularly become intertwined. In the business sector, new advancement in technology can help entrepreneurs to understand research and development as it make their ideas close to reality.

Science does not only brings excitement to the human world but it also create a wonderful connection between the creation and creator. With the help of science, it make all things almost possible for a human to put all his concepts into an extraordinary and unique foundation.

Scientist like I am would always follow the systematic method on the field of research and we are one of the unique creature that are thrilled with new discovery about the future that no one has done before. Systematic activity is very important to us upon engaging our self in the scope of our study.

Lastly, science is part of an ongoing health process to help people with their everyday lives. It is with the help of nutritional facts that continuously giving us proper nutrition. Good health is very vital in order for us to become productive in our daily events.

With the help technology, new scientific discovery in health make it easier for the specialist to prescribe the proper medicine to improve one’s health and well-being. Edward Teller once said, “The science of today is the technology & food of tomorrow”.