Science & Mixology

Science & Mixology

What is science & mixology? Hearing this word brings to mind different kind of images: energy, matter, food, forces of nature, herbs, microorganisms, treatment, planets and many more. But let us take a look on what does science really mean and how does science affect our daily life.

According to Wikipedia, “Science is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about nature and the universe.”

The word science is commonly used in education, working environment and most especially in how we take good care of our health.

First, let us expound on how science is being use in education. Basically, science is one of the required subject from elementary to secondary education. It is in school textbooks where students will first learn their basic science exposure.

As they progress in their education they will develop the full grasp of what science is all about. Students will notice that everything around us is compose of science or is made up by the means of science.

With the evolution of technology where research and information already established a systematic process to make things easier for the people. The use of technology in the modern world increase the ability of the working environment industry to innovate their products and services.

Science and technology are closely related and regularly become intertwined. In the business sector, new advancement in technology can help entrepreneurs to understand research and development as it make their ideas close to reality.

Science does not only brings excitement to the human world but it also create a wonderful connection between the creation and creator. With the help of science, it make all things almost possible for a human to put all his concepts into an extraordinary and unique foundation.

Scientist like I am would always follow the systematic method on the field of research and we are one of the unique creature that are thrilled with new discovery about the future that no one has done before. Systematic activity is very important to us upon engaging our self in the scope of our study.

Lastly, science is part of an ongoing health process to help people with their everyday lives. It is with the help of nutritional facts that continuously giving us proper nutrition. Good health is very vital in order for us to become productive in our daily events.

With the help technology, new scientific discovery in health make it easier for the specialist to prescribe the proper medicine to improve one’s health and well-being. Edward Teller once said, “The science of today is the technology & food of tomorrow”.

Mark Sexauer is an expert mixologist. He graduated from the American Bartending School in 2007 and began his carrier by opening up his own handcrafted cocktail lounge. Now with over 100 locations world wide, he has turned handcrafted cocktails into a true art.