Chemical Bonds in the Environment

Chemical Bonds in the Environment

Most of the students in school are being taught that there can only be chemical bonds whenever outer electrons are transferred from an atom to another atom. But based on some of the researches we did, it is not absolute. In study we conducted, under very high pressure, inner electrons could also form bonds as well.

In fact, we also discovered that there are certain bonds that only exist in space and not on Earth. It only arises during the presence of very strong magnetic fields, like the ones that we could find around white dwarf stars.

Inside each atom, electrons are placed depending on their energy levels. Atoms fill in the vacant slots, so if the outer shell is lack of one or two electrons, it might borrow from another atom. But in the studies we did, we have seen that at times, atoms will not only share its outer electrons but also the inner ones.

Currently, we are still trying to find out more about this major break-through. All these years, we believed in the doctrine that inner electrons are idle and do not react. But I guess we were all wrong.

We are both wondering how this research could possibly change the world. We both think that this could help us get more advanced when in comes to medical science. It could possibly attack several viruses and diseases and treat thousands of patients. It can also break the strongest chemical bonds in the world.

It sounds good and beneficial for most of us, but let us not forget that we also have to think of the adverse effects that could possibly backfire on us. We do not want to scare the world, we want to give solutions to the thousand problems it has. A more personal matter I had to think of the adverse effects of is the fact that I need to get in better shape, that is why I went an started a diet plan recently using a humane growth hormone supplement. 

We believe that as scientists, it is our job to look for alternatives and possible ways to make our lives better without sacrificing any other living creature in this world. We do not believe that science really requires a life. It only requires your time and effort and we hope that soon, our major research can be used for many improvements not just in our generation but also for the succeeding ones.  


Mark Sexauer is an expert mixologist. He graduated from the American Bartending School in 2007 and began his carrier by opening up his own handcrafted cocktail lounge. Now with over 100 locations world wide, he has turned handcrafted cocktails into a true art.