Sub Atomic Mixing!

My piquing curiosity for understanding the behavior of sub-atomic particles has never ceased to amaze me. Every time I step a little deeper, there appear more questions that need answers and more mysteries that require solutions. It’s like I am stuck in the midst of a thick maze and I need to find my way out clue by clue – and the best thing is, I totally love it.

Atoms and the miniature units that make this world are so entwining that you cannot escape this science without boggling your mind. But that is the true beauty of it, no? Lately, I have been very much into understanding the nature of electrons and the way electricity helps our world run just as breathing keeps us alive. Of course, I can’t imagine my PC to go without electricity or my camera to click without batteries.

Electrons appear to me as naughty, energized and highly youthful entities. That’s the reason they light up our world, metaphorically. There is entire physics involved in this matter, but these days, I am getting very poetic with the thought of having such material blessings that we can’t thrive without. Thanks to the sustainer of our world, and tons of admirations for the miracles, big or small, that we humans stay negligent about for most of our lives but are as crucial to us as life itself.

The technical and industrial revolution has had its own charm and this digitalized world is the brainchild of all the combined efforts of modernization. Now, electron – so tiny yet powerful – can solely take us back to William Gilbert’s times by stopping to flow. So the scientist would have to analyze electricity and magnetism again before putting forward any theories.

Or let’s just have an Earth Hour and burn down the candles and switch off all lights for some time – can you feel a creepy feeling coming, of horror, of weird loneliness, of not having to see the light? This is what the flowing electrons do to us. We are so in sync with the atomic world, and we know it.


Mark Sexauer is an expert mixologist. He graduated from the American Bartending School in 2007 and began his carrier by opening up his own handcrafted cocktail lounge. Now with over 100 locations world wide, he has turned handcrafted cocktails into a true art.