Explaining Science with Drinks..

Explaining Science with Drinks..

Sometimes I feel like the toughest thing for science to explain is women. Men are pretty basic beings. We eat, sleep and work. Sure, we have hobbies but I really don’t think that that makes us complicated beings. Unlike women. No offense, but sometimes they can be so hard to deal with. I think all men and maybe a few women would agree with me on this matter. Right?

Being a scientist, I find a lot of my friends and family, but mostly my mom and my sister, oblivious to what I do even if they really should by now. I find it extremely entertaining when they they assume that because I am involved in science, that I know everything! Oftentimes, they’ll ask for explanations way beyond my knowledge but I bask in the gratitude that they think I am smart enough to know everything. They know I am grateful too because I also enjoy the occasional gloating.

Let me give you an example, today my sister rang up my phone a million times just to ask me about a weight loss supplement called Phen375 because of all people, she thought I would be the one measuring tape and pillsto know the most about it.

Obviously, I told her that I wasn’t the right person to ask about that since it’s not necessarily directed to my line of work. But because we’re family, I did it anyways. She also likes to use me for my intellect and runs to me for advice such as this. But anyways, for those who are wondering, yes, I’d say give it a go. Now, I expect no one to call me since I’ve already disclosed this information. Thanks!

I really wish that there was some sort of scientific explanation as to why women act the way they do- complicated, emotional (ok, hormones), oftentimes oblivious. But then again, maybe it’s just the women I know. (Now I suddenly feel like I’m beginning to think like a woman!)

I know I’m not really going anywhere with this and maybe I just wanted to share that funny story with everyone I know and who reads this blog but anyhow, I would definitely come to the conclusion that life would be so boring and so uneventful if it weren’t for women.

Hold that thought, it’s my sister calling AGAIN! I wonder what it is that she wants from me this time.