Mainting Your Weight in a High Calorie Drink World

Mainting Your Weight in a High Calorie Drink World

I am someone with a close observation for my surroundings, and so I am a scientist who loves digging deep into the particulate nature of matter. Who doesn’t love getting to learn more using the set of skills one has and the ample resources that are scattered nearby in the form of internet and libraries? I love it so much that my mind has now automatically become a curious being with a ginger approach to my world, and myself.

With that said, let me also add that I am very conscious about my physical and emotional being. And I believe that every one of us should be like me, not for the sake of merely the looks but for keeping a sane mind and body in order to be more productive in life. I am no nutritionist, but I understand how obesity can have towering effects on an already sedentary lifestyle. I especially know this all because I have had my own struggle at losing weight some months back when I was pretty negligent about my physical well being.

Overeating was my biggest bad habit to overcome. Since I always sit and either read, write or plan experiments, obesity had to torture me for no good. But thank goodness, I managed to fight it –

Although I still fight with my overeating addiction. A good exercise will do but food cravings can totally wreck your life even with a good exercise routine. A bad diet and no exercise also gave me a bad complexion. I found a great beauty product called Life Cell that seemed to take care of the problem!

Gone are the days when having frizzy, white, unkempt hair and not bathing for days was a prerequisite of being a scientist. Now, with advent of such immense sexiness in everything – from advertising products to scientific conferences – keeping a good hygiene and looking stunning is equally important for a scientist. Well, I know some of you still like the old classical Einstein look, but I cannot compromise on weight matters at all.

I understand that the geeky scientist look is highly overrated, but hey, I am a human and I like looking attractive to my peers. Thankfully, I am able to take care of this thing without compromising on my attraction for atoms and molecules.

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