The Science of Universal Mixtures

The more you talk about the mess that surrounds us, the less it sounds – be it the nature’s litter during autumn or the scientific disasters that happens worldwide every now and then. And then, there comes the biggest factor that influences universal mess: humans. Being a scientist who blogs about ions, molecules and special theories, I contribute to a lot of mess too, verbally and physically.

Earlier on, actually way earlier on, people believed that there were only four elements that make or break things: water, fire, earth and air. But then, scientists like myself started discovering more mess that makes this world and in came the revolutionary Periodic Table. Well, let’s not forget that atom is the foundation of every non-living thing. And living thing too. Okay, I agree that cells make us, but the cells are full of water and chemicals (and cell organelles) that are ultimately made of atoms. Haha, got you there!

I see this world as a dump of atomic waste. Some consume, some excrete, some decay. The Mother Nature has well thought out to dispose of this mess and re-use, reduce and recycle it in the most wonderful ways and that is one area I am always intrigued about. The water cycle, for example, keeps running without getting exhausted or ever getting down for repair. What decays becomes fuel, and what become fuel is used by us to create more universal mess, and the cycle goes on.

But this doesn’t mean we should blame ourselves for not taking care of the mess and trying to handle it. Our responsibility towards conserving the Earth is another subject, but my scientific mind thinks that if we tried to disturb the intricate balance between the things that are in a quiet messy equilibrium, we might as well have to face more mess. So, better stay out of it and do our things nicely. Rest we leave on Mother Nature who has kept this planet thriving in the galaxy for billions of years.

Mark Sexauer is an expert mixologist. He graduated from the American Bartending School in 2007 and began his carrier by opening up his own handcrafted cocktail lounge. Now with over 100 locations world wide, he has turned handcrafted cocktails into a true art.